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A project introduced to us at River as a by-product of winning a pitch against several other agencies that I was creative lead on.

The Swedish Film Institute has been organizing the Guldbagge Awards since 1964 with the aim of highlighting and rewarding the films and individuals who have made extraordinary contributions during the past year in film. Over 1400 industry professionals gather for a gala event consisting of a televised award ceremony followed by a party.

The gala for 2023, was intended as a comeback after the scaled-down galas of 2020/21 (held under covid restrictions). It was of high importance to attract a big audience for this reason and make it feel inclusive, without losing the exclusive energy of Swedens most prestigious film awards ceremony. Challenge accepted.


Taking in consideration that the main target audience is actually not the people going to the award show to receive prices, but rather the "regular" people at home with a film and cultural interest. This target group never really get to experience what it feels like to be at this glamorous award show. Nonetheless they never get see what the real "main character" of the night looks like up close. It's always seen from a far distance through a television screen, not so intriguing or personal.. I'm talking about the piece of art being handed out.

We created a holistic 360 communication concept "Kom nära" that brings the award show's main character to our audience, very close. With probe and macro lenses we created abstract art of the statuette to induce excitement of the upcoming show. The concept exudes inclusiveness without losing the exclusiveness of the longstanding gala Guldbaggen. A fun successful challenge indeed.

Kom Nära


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